Services that we provide:

  • Stock Broking: Our stock broking service has the following features:
    ·       Unbiased and easily accessible trading platform
    ·       Transaction (buying and selling) information via mobile sms
  • Depository Participant (DP):
    ·       Open and maintain Beneficial Owner (BO) Account (commonly known as demat account)
    ·       Dematerialzation and re-materialization of securities
    ·       Keep record of securities in dematerialized (electronic) form
    ·       Settlement of trading by transferring/receiving securities from/in BO account
    ·       Facilitation in pledging and unpledging of securities
    ·       Securities balance enquiry via online service “MERO SHARE”
  • Providing Information: We provide updated and worthy information about securities market of Nepal and global context affecting NEPSE in a simplified manner to the existing and prospective clients to make them competent in exploring their potential.

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